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As a member you will receive exclusive benefits which will help you increase your overall growth through our positive professional program.  Here is a list of some of the benefits:
1. To make money.

2. To be the only professional for your field in your chapter.

3. To meet other professionals who you otherwise would not know.

4. To increase your ability to act as a resource for your clients and customers.

5. To improve your public speaking skills.

6. To give to other people.

7. Your own web page to market your business.

8. An opportunity to serve in a Leadership position.

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Name: Rus Horton
Business: First Community Bank, Mortgage Division
Classification: Mortgage Banker
Address: 830 Gracern Rd., Columbia, SC 29210
Phone: (803) 726-4898
Cell: (803) 429-1029
Chapter: Gateway
Member Since: March 2017

Description: You and your experience matter most to me. At a time when the typical mortgage loan experience has become frightful and bordering on an episode of The Twilight Zone, numbers on a report seem to have become more important than the customer experience. I assure you it doesn’t have to be this way.

With an intention of being thorough on the front-end of your mortgage loan application - addressing all possible concerns in advance via proper documentation and letters of explanation - and communicating well and often, we can make life easier for everyone involved with your loan file. This includes loan processors, underwriters, closers, attorneys and real estate agents. Being mindful of their experience will naturally ensure that you have the best possible experience as well.

Isn’t this what the Golden Rule is all about?

Are you looking to purchase or build a new home? Maybe considering a refinance of your current home? Possibly having thoughts about remodeling? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then please contact me and rediscover how it feels to be valued - because you and your experience matter.

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